Upgrading Abra Suite

Now that Microsoft is no longer supporting FoxPro people keep asking questions:

  • How long can I stay on Abra Suite?
  • Is it going to suddenly stop working?
  • When should I upgrade to SQL?

There is no one correct answer to any of these questions but there are some guidelines.

  • Sage is committed to continuing support for Sage Abra Suite with tax updates and and legislative changes that fit within the current engine.  They will not be devoting resources to the development of new features, however. If you are interested in having the latest and greatest features, you may want to consider upgrading to Sage HRMS.
  • Some states are starting to develop some unusual employment laws such as the California Sick Pay law that don’t easily fit into the Abra Suite calculation methods.  Customers in some states may find they need the greater flexibility and development of the SQL version.
  • As time goes on there may be components that are not compatible with current operating systems.  These may be Microsoft components like .Net 4.5.2 that is not compatible with older versions of Windows Server.
  • If you have a number of people using Abra Suite HR and Payroll you have doubtless had to log out of the system while a user needs exclusive access for updates or backups.  This is minimized in a SQL environment.

In general, if you are a single user with Abra Suite installed on one workstation you may be happy staying with Abra Suite for quite some time.  If you are in a state like California with new laws all the time, a company with lots of diverse users, or an organization that tends to move to the latest operating systems, you should be considering a move to Sage HRMS if you have not already moved.  If you are somewhere in between, then talk to us.  We would be happy to help you evaluate your best move.