Upgrading to Sage HRMS 2015

There are lots of excellent reasons to upgrade to Sage HRMS 2015.  The most talked about reason is the addition of My Workforce Analyzer to help companies deal with their obligations under the Affordable Care Act.  But there are some other features that are pretty notable.  I find the new structure to help create better custom reports to be the most exciting.  When upgrading to Sage HRMS 2015 there are a series of procedures that run to create unified payroll tables as a function of a view under the SageHRMS_Live database.  It merges information from your various payroll companies and inserts a PR_company field at the end of the view.  If you have more than one payroll company this means it is far easier to use Crystal Reports to write consolidated reports.  If you want to make use of this new functionality there are some things you must know.

  1. You will need to know the name of the SQL server (servername/instancename).
  2. You will need a valid SQL users account and password for that account.
  3. The name of the database being used as live in Sage HRMS.  This is normally SageHRMS_Live.

To create a new report you will launch Crystal Reports and choose Report Wizard. You will need to create a new connection type, so click on the ‘+’ next to ‘Create New Connection’. Then click on the ‘+’ next to ‘OLEDB(ADO)’.  Instead going to a listing  of the tables or files as you have been used to seeing in your HR reports you will click on the ‘+’ next to ‘DBO’ then ‘Views’.  Now you will be able to see a list of the tables in Sage Payroll so you can select the ones you want to use.  You are ready to write your report!